Enjoying the best music recordings requires the best sound equipment. The acoustics of the room and ultimately, the speakers, are the most important component of the audio system, undoubtedly where we can perceive the greatest differences, and that is that no two speakers are the same.

Value added

The "Hi-End" label must carry with it the use of high-quality components regardless of their production cost. Just the best.


DeLaRosa is a very personal, artisanal and small-scale production speaker brand, driven only by passion in the search for the best sound.


The design and manufacturing processes are governed by a high level of attention to detail. Applying all the knowledge acquired.

Making dreams

Our tastes can be so different that we have a hard time finding the perfect equipment in a market that does not always fit our needs.

DeLaRosa offers the possibility to create unique custom models on demand. We are not only talking about the final finish but the whole process, starting with the design and shape of the box, as well as the technical configuration and the final character that its sound will have.

Technology and tradition

We still have speakers made with cones and moving coils as more than a century ago, however new technological advances allow us to make a careful selection of high quality components and low distortion that together with a careful design in the filter, "the heart of the speaker" and a more balanced tonal balance between tracks, give us a superlative listening experience that brings us even closer to music.

If you want information about how to place an order, prices, deadlines, shipping, stock or any technical data, do not hesitate to contact.